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I am a community organizer and photojournalist with a belief that sharing stories can be a catalyst for positive change. I view myself as a constant student of the world, offering and learning what I can, where I can.  

I recently graduated from Wesleyan University where I studied government and writing. I am currently working at Bronx Defenders as a member of Avodah Jewish Service Corps. My primary experience in community organizing has been as a student leader with J Street U over the past three years. In the future, I hope to continue community organizing and telling stories in the hope of contributing to a better political world.

I have been honing my photography and filmmaking skills for the past decade, turning a casual hobby into a passion. Storytelling for positive change led me to the world of community organizing, where stories can be used strategically and put into action in order to directly effect the world around us.

I have studied photography, documentary film, and journalism under Ami Vitale (National Geographic), Rick Gershon (MediaStorm), and Vanessa Gezari (Columbia School of Journalism). More recently, I worked with Academy-Award nominee David France on his feature length documentary, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson.